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“So who is the real Mr. Tines? The monster who'd smash a world, or the nice guy I'm hearing now?”
—— The Blabber, Vernor Vinge.

Mr. Tines' Open Source Stuff — Utilities, Freeware and some Cryptographic Resources

Welcome to Mr. Tines' Open Source Stuff

This site is the spiritual successor of the original GeoPages site (alas not found on the Wayback Machine) I had starting in the mid/late 1990s, that became a GeoCities site, and then when Yahoo! shut up shop there, I moved it to another host, where it has, when it's not been gathering dust, served mainly as a test-bed for experiments in web design.

The site started out as a repository for various projects and other more trivial bits of code, but has rather stagnated as the work that was grandfathered into this site has become obsolete or variously superceded by new technologies. That material is preserved here for the general record, but is way obsolete, dating from when C++ had just usefully acquired its new cast syntax (dynamic_cast and friends), and Java was the new cool way of writing stuff with any GUI in a more X-like fashion than Win32 permitted.