Java Freeware Utilities

A bunch of utility applications


Helper classes (abandoned)

From my various projects I've extracted a general set of utilities.

These are just little things I kept on having to write. Some of the GUI bits are maybe a bit less useful in these Java5+ days, with the much extended Swing assumed.

Alternative GUI widget set (abandoned)

The Gadget Windowing Toolkit, a mirror of the once very useful GLPL'd GUI component library from DTAI, who later called themselves Polexis; they have discontinued support for it, so I've kept a copy here. I used this in preference to the Swing for the following reasons.

For a while, given that Swing was changing its package (com.sun... to javax...) and the majority browser wouldn't have the support by default, this seemed the way to go. Indeed for a while I considered writing my own lightweight component set to reduce the size of any resulting download below what including the Swing for JDK 1.1 jar would include, using the GWT as a guide. It would have been lighter than the GWT, being a pure java 1.1 library without the GWTs need to duplicate java.awt.event classes or most of the behaviour of Component and Container.

I've also built the Gadget Windowing Toolkit against the JVM for Java 5 and (with just a little added C#) CLR for .Net 2.0 — it might not be “teh shiny”, and won't give you mouse wheel events, but it's the fastest way to a common GUI toolkit for both VMs.

Needs the J# redistributables for .Net use.

Crypto (abandoned)

The various Java implementations I have of block cyphers and message digests, unit tests, and a .Net build of junit 3.8.2 -- includes:

Needs the J# redistributables for .Net use.